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        Agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Hebei ark
        Address: 266 of shijiazhuang tianshan street party big innovation of science and technology industrial park building no. 1 floor layer 7
        Telephone: 0311-85902232
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      Use the big fruit, expands the effect is good
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        In May 2013, I came to have a good manager ZhuangHe CAI on business that, because of its TaiPingXiang, there are more than 20 kilometers from the county town of ZhuangHe, I had to do the rental return. Teacher started talking in the car and driver, when he heard that I am ark in hebei agricultural science and technology co., LTD., the big fruit factory business manager, is very happy, said his three tents of strawberry, a tent last winter with the big fruit, 3 days after the effect is very obvious, bulking effect is very good, bright fruit and grain symmetry, regret know late, it only took a shed, must in all shed this winter with the big fruit. Special master said the driver, the big fruit spraying too much, just a little bit of effect is very good. Chatting chatting away from the county seat, say what also dont fare, in my insistence, teacher only accept $5 (equivalent to the price of the bus)。 The companys products not only brought honor for me, more important is a farmer friend with after the recognition of corporate brand and the product effect.

      Address:Shijiazhuang 266 tianshan street party big innovation of science and technology industrial park building no. 1 floor layer 7 Phone:0311-85902232 Fax:0311-85907389
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