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      Trace element fertilizer fertilizer use method
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        Micronutrient fertilizer is short for trace element fertilizer. In production, people often only pay attention to three elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer application, ignoring iron, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum, manganese and other trace elements. The use of practice has proved that trace element fertilizer is cant use fertilizer instead of the" three elements ", if adequate, although a large number of elements in soil and the lack of a kind of microelement, crops cant normal growth and development, and even physiological disease symptoms, serious when will be hopeless and cause death. Therefore, after increasing nitrogen, phosphorus and potash application material, also note that crop physiological performance, conclude that crop of deficiency syndrome in a timely manner. Crops need less micronutrient fertilizer can meet the needs of normal growth, but various micronutrient fertilizer from lack to excessive critical range is very small, at the same time, weifei not on any crops and soil are effective, use of highly targeted and selective, slight deficiency or excess can cause serious harm to crops. The correct use of technology is the key to improve the effect of micronutrient fertilizer application.
        1. We will strictly control weifei surueyed. Micronutrient fertilizer on crop will produce toxic dosage is too high, but also may pollute the environment and harm health people and animals. So we will strictly control micronutrient fertilizer dosage, and strive to use uniform. General micronutrient fertilizer with n, p, k, mix well after application to avoid the dangers of high local concentration. Root, spraying micronutrient fertilizer concentration to appropriate, should increase dosage or improve concentration, such as really need high concentration, is limited to not exceed the prescribed concentration of 20%. So as not to cause toxic.
        2. To match the increasing organic fertilizer application. Practice has proved that increasing organic fertilizer application can greatly improve the application of micronutrient fertilizer effect, because of the increasing organic fertilizer can increase soil organic acid, the trace elements show available state, at the same time in a glut of micronutrient fertilizer, can alleviate toxicity of micronutrient fertilizer. Besides organic fertilizer itself contains many, complete kinds of trace elements. Especially pay attention to the increasing organic fertilizer in weifei lack region surueyed.
        3. To cooperate with application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, etc. A large number of elements. Although the trace elements and the three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are equally important and cannot be instead of nutrients, but still in the agricultural production should first meet the needs of crops on a large number of elements, only in the foot on the basis of a large number of elements, trace elements can give full play to the effect of it. If ignored a lot of elements of fertilizer applied, blindly rely on micronutrient fertilizer function is not scientific. Micronutrient fertilizer must be in a lot of element such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content of the important conditions, will show the obvious effect on promoting practice production. Such as trace elements is sufficient, and a large number of elements to keep constant, is a large number of elements is ripe production, will become the limiting factor.


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