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      Strawberry flower, fruit, good quality Three times flowers and abundant combination cannot little
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        Jiang Dage strawberry shed and a few ridge thick strawberry tree spread on the ground, lush green, weeping, hanging on to wait for picking strawberries, one red, how beautiful! Its a harvest scene let visitors they envy. Jiang Xueya excited told us:" flowers and abundant Ive used this product for four or five years, I not only on the strawberry, melon on the watermelon I also has been in use. This year I try to pioneer combining with flowers and abundant with dynamics, the effect is surprisingly good, strawberry used after, shalt zhuang, root dish, especially good flower bud differentiation, flower bud to 30% more than someones home, that means my home more often than other people and more than 30% of the strawberry, harvests increased, also follow up my income. With dynamic vanguard and the abundant, za continuous fruit, strawberry can not break stubble, listed also early, strawberry swelling speed, a big full, bright color ruddy, less deformity fruit, my strawberries strawberry market every year is the most popular, we now this dozens of acres of land has been using flowers and abundant and the first peak power. "Jiang Xueya so simple words when it comes to the abundance that happy smile, we are pleased, we will continue to provide more quality products for the majority of farmers friends, more perfect service.
        Together to visit the farmers heard Jiang Dage by getting rich, are all around us, let us to explain in detail the functions and features of these two products, said in his greenhouses use, harvest is not worse than Jiang Xueya.
        Then we went long zhou xiang village strawberry growers yan its double room, into the shed is green leaves, white flowers, round fruit. See such a good strawberry, delight on the faces of every one of us. Farmers yan it to take a hard mask smile told us with their own strawberries was such a good reason. Button is before the tent, "he said," strawberry tree like the bottom of the bowl size () before flower bud differentiation began using a combination of flowers and feng (a flowers and abundant plus a bag of dynamic pioneer with a bucket of water), every 5 days time, continuous use 3 times not discontinuous (middle), can use an interval of 10 days, after can make strawberry flowers many, without rest. Said the 閆大叔 through the leaves of a tree of strawberry counted the have the first sequence 28 flowers; And 22 for a tree flower, and can clearly see the second order flowers have outcrop, in his strawberries strawberry shed an average tree flowers quantity and in 20 or so. And without using a combination of flowers and abundant shed only see stars little flowers, and some on shalt even there is not a flower. 閆大叔 quipped: "if you use the tent in my 3 a, I dont change." This is the real flowers and abundant brought strawberry growers effect!
        Jiangsu DongHaiXian Huang Chuanzhen is local famous strawberry planting base, with strawberry planting area of ten thousand mu. Here, almost every household has a few tents of strawberries, strawberry yield and quality, and folks who focus on the hot issues. In order to better serve the people, let everyone see the ark in hebei agricultural science and technology co., LTD., the use of high quality products, in November this year, the company organization technology backbone, with a strawberry mention quality, and the effects of fertilizer to increase production - the abundant and dynamic vanguard, in the south bay village Zheng Xinhua Huang Chuanzhen greenhouses in the test the product effect. No flowers and abundant combination, before his strawberry flowers few, black green seedlings, and the phenomenon of withering, strawberry plants under dew with plastic film, no vitality. In the companys technical staff to help and guidance, Zheng Dage for the same two ridge in greenhouse strawberry spraying the flowers and abundant combination, other did not do any processing, strawberry is planting a control according to the previous methods. Five days later, spraying the two ridge inflorescence flowers and abundant combination significantly increased, leaf color green, healthy and strong seedlings, feeds the strawberry plants lush solid shakedown is full of plot, with no flowers and abundant contrasts combination of strawberry. Zheng Dage delighted said: "as the saying goes, the ear is virtual, seeing is believing, someone said I dont believe it, can actually see the ark of agricultural products to bring good effect, with no, this is growing, our strawberry absolutely had a good harvest this year, I had to put the other booths strawberries also use flowers and abundant combination quickly!"
        Dynamic pioneer and flowers and abundant is ark of agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Hebei province exclusive production and operation, and the use of abundant on the strawberry can promote flower bud differentiation, improve the ability of continuous result of strawberry, completely solve the flower bud differentiation of bad problems caused by the low and high temperature. Can adjust the balance of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, make plant are not long, improve the parthenocarpy, effectively increase the density of female flowers (strawberry yield can be improved by more than 30%), flower and young fruit period after spraying the li & fung, can reduce the fallen petal fruit abscission, swelling effect is very good also, still can correct shape, reduce pointed fruit, big fruit, dehiscent fruit deformity fruit, such as uniform fruit coloring, bright beautiful luster, resistant to transport; Pioneer power is a kind of plant nutrition absorption promoter, containing poly (aspartic acid (PASP), its main function is: save fertilizer, take root seedling, promote the precocious, improve quality, increase yield, disease resistance hamper and increase the efficacy, adjust soil, green environmental protection, is mainly suitable for vegetables, fruits, wheat, corn, cotton and other field crops, increase crop yield and quality, well received by agricultural experts and the general farmers.

      Address:Shijiazhuang 266 tianshan street party big innovation of science and technology industrial park building no. 1 floor layer 7 Phone:0311-85902232 Fax:0311-85907389
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