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      Peanuts, high technology and new breakthrough
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        Crop production with the progress of science and technology constantly breakthroughs. "On fat take charge of all the crops the flower," is the working people in China to one thousand the experience of agricultural production, by todays standards, although this experience still has certain practicability, but also is lacking.
        Shandong peanuts area yield is strongest in the country. But through the investigation, eliminate the problem of soil and shandong farmers compound fertilizer inputs are the highest, to some extent this also confirms the importance of fertilizer. But as the years of planting, even low-toxin chemical crop rotation, under the condition of compound fertilizer inputs increase, the yield of peanut in 800 jin. Even some land fertilizer inputs increased production fell instead, farmers are reaction of fertilizer boring now. Blindly increasing the amount of fertilizer is unscientific, thus had the ark of trace element fertilizer. Calcium boron potassium zinc appeared to hebei, shandong many peanut growers have brought the Gospel. In six years, sales of calcium boron potassium zinc in multiples into geometric increase every year. The companys sales personnel, and technical service personnel has been to find a way, let the peanut production more convenient, safe!
        Late early moderate growth in recent years, the peanuts, premature aging has become the key factors which influence the production of peanuts. The causes are mainly recommended one-time inventory, seedling nutrition surplus, to prevent moderate growth and extensive use of control products. These two aspects reasons led to the decrease of the regional yield of peanut.
        In the autumn of 2012, in shandong province gaomi city facies, town, one of our dealers to the companys response, says fertility treasure in peanut is very outstanding, invite factory personnel to inspect it. Facies, the town of wine grape planting a lot, the companys 400 g packaging fertility treasure, was a bag of 300 jins of water on the grapes, promote fruit, improve the quality of the grapes. Results there was a farmer in his peanut fields also have, and treasure every spray insecticide catch a fertility, the results havent play this season down in medicine, we go to, from peanuts receiving and more than 20 days, but from his drawn peanut two-thirds have been grown in the fields, and by comparing his Mao Guo than the neighbors extraordinarily large (varieties are the same has been flowers) 8, more than double grain of fruit number. According to the calculated higher than his neighbour at least 100 jin per mu. And his input is just more than a bag of value 5 jins of the fertility of treasure of peanuts.
        Science cannot be separated from practice, the practice of the farmer for we replace the control to a new product, this method is safer and more effective. In a small area of the experiment was carried out in 2013 area, so this method is very effective, moderate growth phenomenon significantly reduce seedling stage, the late harvest, peanut leaf only slightly yellow, no signs of premature aging, fruit satiated. And 13 years of dry weather also had a little effects on the experimental plot, the companys technical team, the following conclusions: the bottom of the peanut fertilization with calcium boron potassium zinc 20 jins, spray fertilizer lippo 3-5 times, moderate growth, could prevent peanut seedling stage later premature aging.

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