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        Agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Hebei ark
        Address: 266 of shijiazhuang tianshan street party big innovation of science and technology industrial park building no. 1 floor layer 7
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      With ark of planting riches Root healthy ear good more
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        In October 2013, I came to xinxiang HuoJiaXian ark of agricultural dealers Zhang Chunyou, field planting the use effect of treasure in the local rice, everywhere friends warm reception by the farmers, heard that ark in hebei agricultural science and technology co., LTD., and pays a return visit to planting treasure - ke bifurcation, effect of fertilizer products, are enthusiastically took me to the home of paddy field visit, everywhere, seen in transplanting the fruitfulness of farmland, the orange yellow rice paddies with golden waves, rice, rice, that of full enrichment is bearing the weight of the scene of harvest. People have said, with the planting treasure after planting, 5, and 6 days seedlings was slow to come over, than useless ke bifurcation, fat, root number, root length, points out of a piece of 2-3 tillers, out of the ear also neatly.
        When we are in the rice fields are listening to the talk about the product effect, from the road came a middle-aged man riding a bicycle, down to the front of the bike straight at me, hold my hand and said, "you are hebei Fang Zhouke bifurcation, fertilizer manufacturer, you are my lifesaver". Learned in our conversation, the eldest brother call Wang Xiushe, planting this year, due to their own land in the downstream of Yellow River diversion irrigation canal, the villagers in this time of planting, and the upstream water cut, their paddy didnt add water, watched the earth was scorched by the rice seedlings were much better, seeding other crops are late this season, and add water, in a few days can slow come and how much calculate how much that production is not going to have much hope. Such as water after part of rice seedlings grow new leaves, but growth is very weak, miao also scattered, watching the production having much luck this year, the in the mind is very worried, own the land of rest, how kind of became so this year, a man that doesnt make a joke? Later mr.wang heard just the village zhu that sellers boat, bifurcation, fertilizer, the neighbors with all reflect the effect is good, is also bought several bags hold try attitude, thinking about how so, dead horse as a living horse medical bai, with ShangFei after 5 or 6 days time, distance to the ground would see their rice fields of green, couldnt believe my eyes, this is our house of rice fields? Miao all recovered, tidy, chunky. This years rice on the za ark company all ke bifurcation, fat - planting treasure ah, look at growing, production is more than usual this year. Said his family took my hand go, must treat, looking at mr.wang a full face of smile, just my in the mind also warm, lets do the product is not let people have a good harvest, have a good income!

      Address:Shijiazhuang 266 tianshan street party big innovation of science and technology industrial park building no. 1 floor layer 7 Phone:0311-85902232 Fax:0311-85907389
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