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      Calcium boron potassium zinc show surprise effect Uncle farmers harvest
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        On September 13, 2013 in YuanShiXian QianXianXiang kuang village Li Liangyi peanuts in the field, he and I speak happily with their peanut planting situation, Li Dage speaking, this piece is 2 mu, total is peanuts, when applied into fertilizers, a total of two bags of ark calcium boron potassium zinc and a bag of half diammonium, late again did other fertilizer, for seedling stage performance, neat seedlings, shape, and dead tree and DuanLong, no big seedlings phenomenon, disease-resistant ability is strong, not easy to get sick. Until the harvest of peanut leaf is green, no roots rotted, catsup grain full, is the most important of all is the grain of fruit in two or three grain of fruit, almost no immature grain and tender tip.
        Li Dage happily telling, he contracted a total of about 20 acres, planting vegetables, peanut and other crops respectively, and tomatoes are spring crop of open, other peoples general situation in the beginning of autumn already LaYang, while his tomatoes at the beginning of autumn and there are many flowers and young fruit and wait to pick the fruits of Li Dage said this is the reason why use the ark potassium calcium boron, zinc, when applied into the recommended a acres with a bag and a bag of compound fertilizer, potassium boron zinc calcium than no more than a mu picked 2000 pounds of tomatoes, according to one dollar a kilo, its earned 2000 dollars an acre of land, this is to use the ark calcium boron potassium zinc magical effect.

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