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      Shijiazhuang city, hebei province xinji farmers enjoy formula fertilization
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        Of the mouse, we can know what his fields with fat, how much is the amount. Today, feeling the xinji farmers recipe of soil testing fertilization system bring convenient and quick.
        Spring wheat fertilization is about to begin, this years crop the what fertilizer? Give more than a few? Xinji city town village farmer Wang Chunlei lack, then, he rode a car came to a village with fat query station. Preparation station staff according to Wang Chunlei refers to the position, use the mouse to point, on a computer screen immediately pop up a soil testing and formula window input 500 kg on wheat production target column, the computer immediately with a list of the wheat field soil indicators, and very detailed what fertilizer, suggesting how much fertilizer prescription. Wang Chunlei said happily: "originally felt more sure more fertilizer, urea, on more than 40 kg? An acre of land, according to the formula fertilizer application on the computer, half the dosage is enough. I think the old habits changed for years."
        Since 2007, the citys agricultural technology personnel on line by plot fertilization data collection and scientific research test, after a few years time, soil samples collected 8000, obtain valid data more than 80000, established the city soil testing and formula fertilization expert system realizing a complete coverage of the test results of soil fertilizer. The preparation to stand in the center of the city set up 20, 300 village station established formula query, trying to get more farmers enjoy the scientific formula fertilization results.

      Address:Shijiazhuang 266 tianshan street party big innovation of science and technology industrial park building no. 1 floor layer 7 Phone:0311-85902232 Fax:0311-85907389
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