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      How to change fertilizer distributor sales ideas
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        In recent years, a series of changes have taken place in fertilizer market in our country, has entered a resource integration and industrial structure adjustment stage. Current with the deepening of the new type of fertilizer sales, completes the promotion and sales of new fertilizer become a top priority, how to do promotion and sales of new fertilizer, I think have to shift the dealer sales ideas:
        One, have a common fertilizers to new fertilizer fertilizer, high-end transformation: in recent years, the compound fertilizer enterprises are in the new type of fertilizer as a key project to research and development, production and sales, the manufacturers are trying every means to sell good fertilizer, level according to the current market situation is an important part of the new type of fertilizer sales dealers and retailers, if you want to do sales of new fertilizer, first let the secondary distributor to accept products, must give dealers substantial profits at the same time, vigorously promote and propaganda, make the new type of fertilizer gradually occupy the market share.
        Second, shop sales points from towns to villages down:
        Distributors is the first choice of Chinas current wholesaler of villages and towns, the villages and towns dealers also is the place that the rural economy is the most active, various agricultural materials enterprise in the layout of distribution network at the same time, on the basis of the township, radiation to the surrounding villages. Since the agricultural capital market competition in recent years, the agricultural capital enterprise sale terminal in down, terminal purchase demand became the focus of competition for each manufacturer. Only short channel, have a high efficiency; Close to the terminal, also is close to the user; Improved channel velocity to get the real benefits to customers and farmers.
        Three, credit into cash operation:
        The credit problem has always been a more trouble problem in dealer. A lot of local farmers used to sell on credit, even if they have money, dont want to cash transactions, in case of one thousand fertilizer quality problems. While on the other hand fertilizer manufacturers require your shipment, this would require the dealer economic power is strong. Actual dealers often do not have such power, also not willing to bear such a big risk. Such diversification at the dealer at the same time, interest and the scale will be corresponding scattered, small dealers will have more opportunities. Primary dealers in the new situation, also want to change management ideas, think should focus on how to minimize farmers sell on credit, how to avoid the end of the year. Is often look at the books, by the end of a year like made a lot of money, but no money at hand, mostly ious. Past credit operation mode, at the end of year is busy, dont make very much actually, so dealers operating common fertilizer prices have been sold to wear, no profits can figure, new fertilizer sales promotion is the development trend of agricultural materials industry in the future.
        In different markets have different marketing strategy, the key is to find suitable for their market, the method of new type fertilizer of propaganda and sales is a long-term work, need to constantly innovation to find good method, the main is change the dealer sales.


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