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      Farm machinery purchase subsidy policy interpretation in 2012
      Date:2014-01-08 Font Size:Small Medium Large

        Recently, the general office of the ministry of agriculture department general office, the Treasury Department jointly issued "the guidance on the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in 2012, the 2012 farm machinery purchase subsidy policy implementation for the deployment. This year is also issued agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds and publish guidance on the first year. Combines related news website, policy center, interpretation in 2012, the farm machinery subsidy policy.
        Agricultural subsidies to purchase the highest subsidies
        Some products subsidies have improved this year. The ministry of agriculture, overall subsidy shall not exceed 30% of the market average price, highest single figure does not exceed 50000 yuan, total tend to be low saturation of wheat harvester appropriate subsidies, the weak link of large no-till planter, large combine harvester such as standalone allowance can be raised to 120000 yuan, sugarcane harvester allowance, more than 200 horsepower tractor units could be raised to 200000 yuan, large allowance cotton-picking machine units could be raised to 300000 yuan.
        Ensure that farmers buyers to choose
        "Opinions" requirement provinces this year no longer formulate subsidy catalog, to farm machinery purchase subsidy machine puts the list as the implementation of the important basis of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy. List no longer express specific subsidies machinery manufacturers, product model, subsidy only machine item index confirmation step name and subsidy, farmers choose satisfactory machine. Subsidies objects can be within the provincial autonomous machine upgrade, allowed to select dealers across the county.
        Norm subsidy standards as a benchmark in the market
        The general type of agricultural machinery products this year quota subsidies shall not exceed the province for nearly three years the market 30% of the average selling price, it is strictly prohibited to quote enterprise calculates a subsidy.
        Buy the beneficial attempt after compensation first
        Opinion, to select part of the cities and counties in a full upgrade after receiving subsidies pilot with invoice. Promote agricultural machinery production enterprises adopt the method of direct selling direct distribution of agricultural machinery products, reduce the cost link, for the connection of supply and demand.
        Establish enterprise blacklist/distributors
        Around the "opinions" requirement, the farm machinery purchase subsidy management and usage in government affairs public and government affairs service directory, in government subsidies (http://gov.k8008.com/) website operation procedures, complaints, and each beneficiarys purchase model, subsidies and other information, as well as public through a variety of other forms, makes widely known in the whole society. Clear to public subsidy object list
        This year, the ministry of agriculture subsidies for agricultural machinery enterprises, dealers diddle arbitrage behavior of funds, will be tougher sanctions. New measures taken by the ministry of agriculture including, dealers to participate in illegal operation, the blacklist and promulgated in time, permanent was listed in the distributor and its legal representative shall not be engaged in agricultural machinery subsidies activity; Involved in the illegal operation of the production enterprises withdraw the qualification of production subsidies, subsidies illegally occupy capital must be fully returned to the finance department; The production or distribution of illegal properties of bad companies, suggested that the ministry of commerce and industry revoke its business license, if the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, will coordinate a judiciary processing.

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