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      A number of subsidies policy support for grain production
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        The ministry of agriculture on March 28, according to point out that in 2012, with emphasis on the steady development of grain production, speed up agricultural scientific and technological progress, one thousand ways to make stable grain yield in more than 1.05 trillion catties, farmers income growth above 7.5%, efforts to ensure that no major agricultural product quality safety incidents and regional major animal epidemic situation, continue to increase the supply of agricultural products support capability, to provide a basic guarantee to realize fast yet steady economic and social development. Support for grain production increasing farmers income measures including direct subsidies to grain farmers policies, agricultural material subsidies, subsidies for growing superior seed varieties, agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, improve the floor price policy for wheat, rice, etc.
        Among them, 2012, the central government will continue to direct subsidies to grain farmers, a total of 15.1 billion yuan, subsidies to farmers engaged in food production in principle requests, the specific be determined by the peoples government at the provincial level according to the actual situation.
        In addition, the general subsidies for purchasing agricultural supplies in accordance with the dynamic adjustment system, according to the changes in prices of agricultural materials such as chemical fertilizers, diesel, follow the "price to repair as a whole, dynamic adjustment, only grow" the principle of timely arrangement and increase subsidies, reasonable compensate for grain farmers to increase agricultural production material cost, and general subsidies for purchasing agricultural supplies a total of 107.8 billion yuan in 2012. For support spring farming preparation work, in January, the central government has been sent to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) appropriations subsidies of 83.5 billion yuan, strive for in front of the spring through the "all-in-one-card" or "ten percent" payment directly to the farmers. In march, the central government allocated the second batch of agricultural material subsidies of 24.3 billion yuan.

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