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      The state supports grain production of policies and measures of increasing farmers' income
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        1. The national general requirements for the work of agriculture and rural areas this year
        In 2012, the CPC central committee and the state council general requirements for the work of agriculture and rural areas is to fully implement the partys 17th and sixth plenary session of 3, 4, 5, 17, and the central economic work conference spirit, holding the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought as guidance, further implement the scientific outlook on development, synchronized to promote industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, around a strong science and technology development, strong strong production supply, peoples livelihood, maintaining stability, further JiangNong rich peasants policy efforts, and strive to gain good harvest of agriculture and together promote the faster increase in rural incomes, trying to maintain social harmony and stability in the countryside.
        , with emphasis on the steady development of grain production, speed up agricultural scientific and technological progress, one thousand ways to make stable grain yield in more than 1.05 trillion catties, farmers income growth above 7.5%, efforts to ensure that no major agricultural product quality safety incidents and regional major animal epidemic situation, continue to increase the supply of agricultural products support capability, to provide a basic guarantee to realize fast yet steady economic and social development. On the work main point, around a strong science and technology development, strong strong production supply, peoples livelihood, maintaining stability, outstanding "consolidating and strengthening, optimize and reform". Consolidated, is to consolidate the good situation of increase production, expand JiangNong rich peasants policy effect, uphold and improve the development of effective measures, working mechanism, to ensure that agricultural rural economy has made steady progress in the new starting point. Strengthen to strengthen agricultural science and technology innovation and promotion, to strengthen the construction of system architecture, basic technology and improve the service ability, "agricultural science and technology to promote year" activities, greater play a supporting role of science and technology. Optimization is to optimize agricultural productivity layout, improve the modern agricultural industry system, support producing large county and regional characteristic industry development, production, improve agricultural production specialization, standardization, scale, intensive level. Reform, is to persevere to promote rural reform and system innovation, summarize and promote grass-roots experience, further promote the modern agriculture demonstration area and the rural reform pilot area construction, expand opening to the outside world agriculture, further enhance the vitality of agricultural rural economy development.
        2. The policy of direct subsidies to grain farmers
        In 2012, the central government will continue to direct subsidies to grain farmers, a total of 15.1 billion yuan, subsidies to farmers engaged in food production, in principle requests specific be determined by the peoples government at the provincial level according to the actual situation.
        3. The agricultural material subsidies
        General subsidies for purchasing agricultural supplies in accordance with the dynamic adjustment system, according to the changes in prices of agricultural materials such as chemical fertilizers, diesel, follow the "price to repair as a whole, dynamic adjustment, only grow" the principle of timely arrangement and increase subsidies, reasonable compensate for grain farmers to increase agricultural production material cost, general subsidies for purchasing agricultural supplies a total of 107.8 billion yuan in 2012. For support spring farming preparation work, in January, the central government has been sent to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) appropriations subsidies of 83.5 billion yuan, strive for in front of the spring through the "all-in-one-card" or "ten percent" payment directly to the farmers. In march, the central government allocated the second batch of agricultural material subsidies of 24.3 billion yuan.
        4. The policy of subsidies for growing superior seed varieties
        In 2011 the central government allocated 22 billion yuan for subsidies for growing superior seed varieties. Rice, wheat, corn, cotton, northeast and Inner Mongolia, soybean, 10 provinces and cities in Yangtze river basin and xinyang, henan, shaanxi hanzhong and ankang region of winter rapeseed, the Tibetan highland barley full cover, potatoes, peanuts, carry out pilot in producing. Wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed, and 10 yuan per mu of highland barley. Among them, the xinjiang region of subsidies for 15 yuan per mu of wheat seeds; Rice, cotton subsidies 15 yuan per acre; Potato potato $0.1 per grain subsidies, subsidies of 100 yuan per mu of a, level 2 kinds of potatoes; Peanut seed-breeding subsidies 50 yuan per acre, and 10 yuan per mu of field production. Rice, corn, rapeseed direct subsidies subsidies take cash, wheat, soybeans, cotton can take cash direct subsidies or price difference specified subsidy way, specific discretion by the provinces, according to the principle of simple and convenient. In 2012 the central government will continue to steady implementation of subsidies for policy.
        5. Agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy
        To further meet the demand of the farmers upgrade, in 2012 the central government allocated 20 billion yuan for farm machinery purchase subsidy is expected, subsidies to continue coverage all across the country, agriculture county (field)。 Subsidies machine type cover 12 categories of 46 small class 180 item, on this basis to increase by around 30 items. The central fiscal agricultural machinery purchase subsidy for the same type, the same grade of agricultural machinery in the provincial unified subsidy standard. Subsidies by no more than the provinces in nearly three years 30% of the average market price calculation, key lake area subsidy ratio can be increased to 50%. Stand-alone ceiling is 50000 yuan, more than 100 horsepower large tractor, high-performance green fodder harvester, large no-till planter, milking machine, large combine harvester, rice large seed sprouting program-controlled equipment, dryers standalone allowance can be raised to 120000 yuan; Sugarcane harvester, spent more than 200 horsepower tractor units could be raised to 200000 yuan; Large subsidy cotton picking machine units could be raised to 300000 yuan. To support the 2012 spring farming preparation, the central government for the first batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy fund 13 billion index in September 2011, in advance notice to the globe.
        6. Improve the floor price policy for wheat and rice
        In order to further enhance the support for grain production, arouse the enthusiasm of farmers to plant, and country decided to raise the appropriate public road 2012, main production of wheat, rice, minimum purchase price level. Per 50 kg white wheat (third, similarly hereinafter), red wheat, hybrid wheat minimum purchase price increased to 102 yuan, 102 yuan, 102 yuan, 7 yuan, higher than that of 2011 $9 and $9, increase 7.4%, 9.7% and 9.7% respectively; Every 50 kg ZaoXianDao middle-late indica and japonica rice (third, similarly hereinafter), the minimum purchase price respectively raised to 120 yuan, 125 yuan, 140 yuan, 18 yuan, 18 yuan higher than that of 2011, 12 yuan, increase of 17.6%, 16.8% and 9.4% respectively.
        7. Grain production incentives (oil) big county
        To improve and strengthen the major grain-producing counties and financial situation, arouse the enthusiasm of local government scorn to catch food, in 2005 the central government unveiled a major grain-producing counties incentives. 2011 grain production (oil) big county funds 23.6 billion yuan reward, the reward county more than 1000, including arrangements for reward recognition by the state council, the outstanding contributions of grain production of big county grain-producing provinces and food, 3.6 billion yuan. To encourage local grain and the grain, the central government on the basis of food sold, yield and planting area of the weight of each accounted for 50%, 25% and 25%, respectively, in combination with regional financial factors, the reward money directly "estimates, allocated to the county to county". In 2012, the central government will continue to increase capital scale reward, the arrange capital of 27.765 billion yuan.
        8. Pig big county reward policy
        In 2011 the central government allocated 3.25 billion yuan for reward money, specially used for development and industrialization production of live pigs. Reward fund in accordance with the "guide the production, many special award, direct to the county, the use of" principle, according to pig DiaoChuLiang, output volume and weight of CunLanLiang respectively for 50%, 25%, 25%, 2011 reward county number 500, the average large county, reward 5 million yuan. In 2012 the central government continues to implement reward pig out big county. Mainly used in pig farms (households) varieties of piggery reformation, introduce, epidemic prevention management, waste treatment and discount loans, etc.; Support the industrialization leading enterprise integrated industry chain of live pigs, guide the production and marketing cohesion, to improve the yield and quality of pigs.
        9. Animal husbandry and subsidies for policy
        To promote livestock breed improvement, improve the level of livestock production, promoting farmers income, starting from 2005, the national animal husbandry and subsidies for policy implementation, animal husbandry and subsidies for capital of 1.19 billion yuan in 2011, is mainly used in the implementation of the grassland ecological protection for award mechanism of Inner Mongolia, sichuan, yunnan, Tibet, gansu, qinghai, ningxia, xinjiang eight provinces in pastoral area of cattle and sheep subsidies. Subsidies for standard for each pigs to numerous sow 40 yuan. Standard for the dairy subsidies for holstein cows, yun she milk cows, water buffalo to numerous cow every 30 yuan, 20 yuan per can numerous cow other varieties; Beef cattle subsidies for growing superior seed varieties to numerous cow standards for each 10 yuan. Sheep subsidies for standard for each kind of ram 800 yuan; Yak breeding bull subsidy standards for $2000 per head of the bull. 2012 countries will continue to implement the animal husbandry and subsidies for policy.
        Diesel 10. Fisheries subsidies
        Fish oil subsidy is the party central committee and the state council has issued an important fishery HuiYu policy, national on fishery is the largest a support policy. Fishery product oil price subsidy according to the special funds management interim measures "provisions, fish oil subsidy object include: accords with a condition and in accordance with the law is engaged in the domestic inland sea fishing, fishing, fishing and aquaculture and fishermen use motor fishing vessels and fishing enterprises. The scale of subsidies in 2011 reached 17.165 billion yuan, in 2011 will continue to implement the subsidy policy.
        11. The agricultural disaster prevention and reduction and stable key technology law aid policy to increase production
        Nearly two years, the central government in the key of the agricultural production season, targeted emergency launch to shed the rice seedlings, plastic mulching subsidy policy, etc. 2012 national law, the key technology in disaster prevention and reduction and stable production, will further intensify financial support, and make the backbone sex from emergency disaster prevention and mitigation technology services to the norm, with an emphasis on major grain-producing areas, through physical and chemical technology subsidies to farmers, the key to shed supporting the promotion of rice seedlings, plastic corn dry land water saving, wheat "three prevention" a spray and specialization of crop diseases and pests TongFang rule and other key technologies.
        12. The subsidy policy of animal epidemic prevention
        Subsidies for animal epidemic prevention at present, China mainly include: major animal epidemic compulsory immunization subsidy policy, state of highly pathogenic avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, highly pathogenic blue-ear disease, swine fever and other major animal epidemic compulsory immunization policy; Compulsory immunization vaccines by provincial animal husbandry and veterinary authorities under the state council in conjunction with the provincial public finance department for the procurement of the government. Veterinary department step by step freely to farm (household); Vaccine funding by the central finance and local finance to proportional share, farm (household) without compulsory immunization vaccines fee. Livestock and poultry epidemic culling subsidy policy, the state of highly pathogenic avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, highly pathogenic blue-ear disease, small ruminants with group of animals and animal disease and brucella, TB positive cows compulsory culling; For major animal epidemic slaughtered livestock and poultry farmers due to loss of subsidies, subsidies funds shall be borne by the central finance and local finance. Grassroots animal epidemic prevention subsidy policy, subsidies for FangYiYuan bear at the village level for livestock and poultry to compulsory immunization and other basic money labor support for animal epidemic prevention work, in 2012 the central government will continue to invest 780 million yuan subsidies. Breed tache illness swine disposal subsidy policy, the country for years are more than 50 pigs, pig breed tache died for disposal of scale pig farms (village), to $80 per head of disposal expenses subsidies, subsidies by the central and local governments to share.
        13. National modern agriculture demonstration area construction policy
        Create a national modern agriculture demonstration area is seeking breakthrough on point, radiation and driving the development of the national modern agriculture innovative measures. At present, pushing the construction of national modern agriculture demonstration zone policy measures mainly include: increasing investment. The central and provincial agricultural finance projects a priority arrangement demonstration area, the demonstration area to arrange special funds support demonstration area construction. Actively guide the demonstration zone and improve the rural finance service system, increase the developmental financial, business, financial support for demonstration. Support the demonstration area to speed up the construction of high standard farmland. Promoting water, field, road, electricity, etc, to demonstration area of more than two-thirds of the cultivated land security standards; To develop the agricultural facilities, improve agricultural facilities of the scale and efficiency; Agricultural management system and mechanism innovation, focus on cultivating professional farmers, cultivated and large, farmers professional co-operatives and agricultural industrialization leading enterprises such as new operators, promoting land moderate scale management, innovation, organization form of agricultural production; Enhance the level of quality and safety of agricultural products and building demonstration zone into high-yield, high-quality, efficient, ecological and safety of agricultural products production base.
        14. Oil sugar yield to create the policy promoted deeply
        High yield is to create integration to promote the advanced practical technologies, to point with surface, by large area equilibrium the important measures to increase production. In 2011, the central government allocated special funds of 1 billion yuan, in the national construction of high yield and create ten thousand mu ShiFanPian 5000; A total of 500 million yuan, in the whole nation chose the better basic conditions and big potential yield of 50 counties (city), 500 townships (town), to carry out the whole townships throughout the county, the whole system promote the creation of high grain production pilot. 2012 countries will be further deepened, oil sugar yield created, continues to consolidate, 5000, ten thousand mu ShiFanPian, 50 counties (cities) and 500 pilot the township (town) the organizational system, choose five good basic condition, high yield potential, science and technology level of grain market, encourage support for its first trial the whole city () the whole system will be carried out.
        15. Measured soil fertilizer subsidy policy
        In 2012, will be a nationwide organization to carry out the soil testing and fertilizer technology popularization action choice 100 counties (field), 1000 townships (town), and 10000 village measured soil fertilizer throughout the county, the township, the whole village to promote, strive to achieve the national soil testing formula fertilization technology popularization of 1.3 billion mu, soil testing for free with 180 million farmers fertilizer technical service goals.
        16. Policy support to farmers and fresh agricultural products
        At present, farmers and policy support fresh agricultural products mainly include: strengthen farmers professional co-operatives development ability, support cooperative construction plant facilities, configuration, refrigerated transport, inspecting and testing equipment, purchased from farmers professional co-operatives tax-free agricultural products, supermarket can be calculated at 13% of the deduction rate for the deductible VAT amount; Support to establish a stable relationship between production and sales, encourage wholesale market, large chain supermarket, such as circulation enterprises, schools, hotels, large companies such as the end user and the farmers professional co-operatives set up long-term and stable relationship between production and sales, support the farmers professional co-operatives in the community market for direct selling, encourage similar agricultural cooperatives on a voluntary basis to carry out the joint and cooperation; We will promote standardization of agricultural production and circulation, and support the farmers professional co-operatives to take the lead in implementing standardized production, support of farmers professional co-operatives in horticultural crops standard garden vegetables, livestock and poultry breeding standardized support project health products, aquatic breeding specific creation; To reduce "agriculture super docking" threshold, it is forbidden to supermarkets to cooperative collection of slotting fees, sponsorship, table, bar code and other unreasonable fees, it is strictly prohibited to any default payment for goods, supermarkets and cooperatives are encouraged to establish long-term relationship and docking.
        17. Transport of fresh farm products through the green channel
        To promote the national fresh agricultural products market supply, reducing circulation costs, since December 1, 2010, all across the country, toll road fees (including independent Bridges and tunnels) include all transport of fresh farm products through "green channel" network range, vehicles to transport vehicle legal load fresh produce from tolls. Incorporated in the transport of fresh farm products through "green channel" network toll roads site, to create a "green channel" special crossing, the mark of "green channel" flag, guide the fresh agricultural transport vehicles is preferred by quickly. Varieties of fresh agricultural products, fresh vegetables, including 11 categories 66 varieties, fresh fruit including 7 class 42 varieties, fresh aquatic products including 8 varieties, live poultry include three kinds of 11 varieties, including seven varieties, fresh meat, eggs and milk and potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, taro and fresh corn, fresh flowers. Criteria for recognition of the "legal loading vehicle" to the catalog of varieties of fresh agricultural products within the scope of the different fresh agricultural products of conventional vehicles, identified as legal load of fresh farm products for vehicle. For directory within the scope of the fresh agricultural products and other agricultural products catalog outside the scope of the conventional, and other agricultural products is less than conventional vehicle loads of check and ratify or car volume 20% of vehicles, vehicle loading, mutatis mutandis, the fresh agricultural vehicles, to overrun overload amplitude is less than 5% of the fresh agricultural transport vehicles, according to legal loading vehicle is carried out.
        18. Vegetables circulation shall be exempt from value-added tax policy
        In order to promote healthy development of the logistics industry, lightens the logistics enterprise tax burden, since January 1, 2012, shall be exempted from VAT vegetables circulation. Vegetables refers to the herbaceous and woody plants can make fushi, selected, cleaned, segmentation, drying, packaging and dehydration, cold storage, frozen processed vegetables, fall within the scope of vegetables. All kinds of canned vegetables, vegetables treated, canning, sealing, or aseptic packaging of food sterilization, fall outside the scope of the mentioned vegetables.
        19. The grassland ecological protection subsidies reward policy
        To protect the grassland ecology, ensure the supply of beef and mutton characteristics such as animal products, promote the herders income, since 2011, the state in Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, Tibet, qinghai, sichuan, gansu, ningxia and and so on eight major grassland pastoral area of yunnan province (area) and the xinjiang production and construction corps into the central fiscal capital of 13.6 billion yuan, comprehensive build grassland ecology protection subsidies reward mechanism. Content mainly includes: the implementation of grazing prohibition allowance, the living environment is very bad, degeneration of grassland, unfavorable and grazing grassland, implementation of grazing prohibition cultivating, the central government shall, in accordance with the measure of every 6 yuan per standard for herdsmen to give subsidies, grazing prohibition, preliminarily determine 5 years for a subsidy cycle; Implementation of breeding balance to reward. To grazing prohibition area available outside of the prairie, on the basis of reasonable grazing capacity of check and ratify, the central government have not overload to herdsmen in accordance with the measure standard of year 1.5 yuan per breeding balance to a reward; Herdsmen production subsidies, including animal husbandry and subsidies for growing superior seed varieties and grass seeds (10 yuan per acre per year) and each herdsmen production general subsidies for 500 yuan a year. In 2012, the state subsidy incentives will fully implement grassland ecological protection, arrange capital of 15.058 billion yuan, put all the pastoral area half pastoral area county all included in the scope of implementation.
        20. Fishery resources protection subsidy policy
        Project support key to proliferate discharge for aquatic organisms. Proliferation discharge capital of 221 million yuan in 2011, is expected to increase the funds in 2012.
        21. The rural biogas construction policy
        In 2011, the investment of 4.3 billion yuan subsidy rural biogas construction, the new methane user 2.8 million, for the average increased by 32.5%, among them, the eastern, central and western central allowances to 1300 yuan, 1600 yuan and 2000 yuan respectively, the Tibet autonomous region, the central subsidies for up to 3500 yuan, sichuan, yunnan, gansu, qinghai province 4 three after the central Tibet and xinjiang southern allowances up to 3000 yuan. In 2012, plans to add 1.2 million subscribers for biogas, construction of more than 200 large and medium-sized biogas projects.
        22. The construction of basic-level agro-technique extension system policy
        Investment of 2011 yuan in 2011, the central construction project basic-level agro-technique extension system, along with investment of 200 million yuan, 2010 support improved 8243 villages and towns agricultural technology infrastructure conditions. Institutions in 2012 countries will continue to support basic-level agro-technique extension condition construction, and strive to achieve the central file no. 1 2012 "agro-technical popularization setups condition construction projects covering all villages and towns" goal. Villages and towns or regional extension institutions conditions the construction content mainly includes: equipped with technology popularization, crops diseases and insect pests prevention and control, such as rapid detection of agricultural products quality inspection testing equipment and training of farmers, agricultural extension personnel daily office equipment; To improve the examination, technical advice, such as daily office buildings for business conditions. According to the conditions and money may, can be equipped with agricultural technology personnel household vehicles entering the village, construction of agricultural technology experiment demonstration base.
        23. The policy reform of basic-level agro-technique extension system and demonstration county construction
        In 2009, the state launched the "reform and the construction of basic-level agro-technique extension system demonstration county project", by the end of 2011 the central government has allocated 2.37 billion yuan for funding, support 800 counties in the funds subsidies pilot to extension work. In 2012, the central government will increase investment, to strengthen the construction of conditions at the base, carried out extensive funds allowance, for the work such as reform and construction of basic-level agro-technique extension system demonstration county project covers all agricultural county.
        24. The special duty basic-level agro-technique extension system plan
        Since 2012 to start the implementation of agricultural technology extension service pilot work plan, select a group of university graduates to the villages and towns for duty personnel, carry out agricultural technology promotion, animal and plant disease prevention and control, agricultural products quality supervision and so on agricultural public service work. The central government on duty plan will give certain support.
        25. Modern agriculture talents support program
        According to the modern agriculture talents support program implementation plan "requirement and arrangement, in 2012, mainly from five respects to speed up the cultivation of modern agriculture and new rural construction are in urgent need of the agriculture and rural areas of talent. Through special funds support, key support 150 agricultural research outstanding talents. Supporting the great contributions to the cultivation of 3000 talents of agro-technical popularization. Training for the whole year, 3000, head of the agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and farmers professional cooperative organizations. Selection 7000 support agricultural production and operation of a line, have a certain industrial scale and good foundation, demonstration ability in driving the development of rural production. In agricultural producing selection support 3000 rural brokers, train a familiar circulation policy of agricultural products, high quality management of rural brokers, brokerage team.
        26. Farmers training and rural practical talent training policy
        2012 will change the development mode of agriculture and new rural construction need, before, during and after service for agriculture and rural social management practitioners in the field of training, government subsidy, farmers participation for free. To carry out vocational skills training. Training time within a week, the training object is mainly farming, science and technology, a model household engaged in agricultural before, during and after service, and management of farmers engaged in the management of agricultural and the rural society; Training content mainly agricultural production and management technology, origin of fresh-keeping and processing technology of agricultural products, agricultural machinery operation and maintenance technology, biogas construction and maintenance technology, agriculture and the rural social management management knowledge, etc. To develop agricultural business training. Training time about two weeks; Training object is mainly agricultural sector has to farmers, especially in the countryside junior middle school after graduating from high school two epigenetic, returning migrant workers, not bound FuZhuan soldier; Training content mainly is the entrepreneurial skills and related knowledge of agriculture.
        2012 continue to conduct rural practical talents training leaders and university student village official demonstration, relying on the rural practical talent training base for 31 training workshop, learning through training, business visits, exchange of experience, support, training all the year round, 3100 rural grassroots organizations, farmers professional cooperative organization, head of the head and college student village official.
        27. The protection of farmers land property rights policy, etc
        Long-term stability of the state shall protect the rural land contract relations, to protect the contractors right to the contracted management of land, no organization or individual shall not be infringed. Contract period inside, in addition to the statutory basis, the party, shall not take back the contracted land shall not adjust the contracted land, shall not force or hinder farmers contracted land circulation. Land expiration of the original contract, the right to the contracted management of land in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state continued to contract. Right to the contracted management of land, the land, the collective income distribution and so on, is the law gives legal property rights of farmers, no matter whether they still need to make basic safeguard, also whether they stay in rural or into the town, anyone has no right to deprive. Promote the reform of collective land expropriation system, guarantee the farmers land property rights, distribution of value-added benefits produced good land non-agriculturalization and urbanization. In accordance with the deployment of the central rural work conference in 2012, and proposed the corresponding laws and regulations on land expropriation system reform, speed up the related work.
        28. Improve agricultural insurance policies
        In order to further give play to the role of agricultural insurance JiangNong for farmers, in 2012 the state will further improve agricultural insurance policies, strengthening the support to agricultural insurance. Increase the varieties of premium subsidies, in the existing rice, maize, wheat, oilseeds, cotton, potato, highland barley, natural rubber, forest, numerous sows, cow, pig, yak, Tibetan sheep, 14, on the basis of the central financial subsidies is planted, sugar crops should be brought into the central fiscal agricultural insurance premium subsidy scope; To develop premium subsidies pilot facility agriculture, for the development of facilities agriculture insurance subsidies for farmers. Broaden the zone of premiums for, will existing central fiscal agricultural insurance premium subsidies subsidies is planted area to expand to the whole country. Explicit subsidy proportion, sugar crop insurance, according to the current central government subsidize insurance premiums for policy implementation; On the basis of the provincial public finance subsidy at least 25%, the central government in the eastern region subsidies, subsidies for the Midwest 35% 35%, the central government of the xinjiang production and construction corps, such as agricultural areas directly under the central government subsidies proportion is 65%; Aquaculture insurance, insurance to numerous sows and cows in eastern, on the basis of the local financial subsidies of at least 30%, the central government subsidies by 40%; Pig insurance, on the basis of the local financial subsidies of at least 10%, the central government subsidies by 10%; Other central fiscal subsidies risks under the current policy implementation.
        29. One project one discussion CaiZhengJiang repair village-level public welfare undertakings
        One project one discussion CaiZhengJiang repair village-level public welfare undertakings policy implemented throughout the country in 2011. One project one discussion CaiZhengJiang filling is mainly composed of the central and provincial capital and conditional city and county financial arrangements, the villagers one project one discussion to raise raise lowe project give prize, prize filling range mainly include farmers directly benefit of small water conservancy facilities inside the village, village road, sanitation, construction, afforestation and other public welfare undertakings priority people need most, get effective the fastest village, village road sclerosis CunMao renovation and other public welfare projects. CaiZhengJiang filling can be either cash incentives, can also be a real benefits.
        Central fiscal 2011 budget prize fund 16 billion yuan, in 2012 will further promote the construction of one project one discussion CaiZhengJiang village-level public welfare undertakings, the perfection of the mechanism of village-level public welfare undertakings by civilian, such as the budget for capital of 24.8 billion yuan.
        30. Support the development of farmers professional co-operatives policy
        At present, the state supports the development of farmers professional co-operatives policy mainly includes five aspects. Preferential tax policies for farmers professional co-operatives members of our production of agricultural products, shall be regarded as agricultural producers sales sell agricultural products shall be exempted from VAT; General VAT taxpayer purchased from farmers professional co-operatives tax-free agricultural products, can be calculated at the deduction rate of 13% deductible VAT amount; For farmers professional co-operatives to members of our sales of agricultural, seeds, seedlings, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery, shall be exempted from VAT; For farmers professional co-operatives with our members conclude a contract for the purchase and sale of agricultural products and agricultural means of production, stamp tax shall be exempted. Financial support policy, all the farmers professional co-operatives into rural credit evaluation scope; Increase the intensity of credit support, key supporting industrial base, large scale, high brand, service ability, drive farmers much good, standard management, good credit records of the farmers professional cooperatives; Support and encourage rural cooperative financial institutions financial products innovation, improve the service mode; Encourage conditional credit farmers professional co-operatives development cooperation. Financial support policy, the central government allocated special funds to support farmers professional co-operatives to enhance the service function and self development ability; Farm machinery purchase subsidy finance special arrangement to farmers professional co-operatives priority; Agricultural project support policy, suitable for farmers professional co-operatives to take agricultural projects, and the farmers professional co-operatives into application range. Talent support policy, since 2011 to organize the implementation of modern agriculture talents support plan, annual training 1500 cooperative leaders; Encourage lead university student village official participation, LingBan cooperatives; Support for rural youth brought start co-operatives.
        31. Expand the new type of rural social endowment insurance pilot policy
        In 2011 a new type of rural social endowment insurance pilot (hereinafter referred to as the new farming keeps) coverage reached more than 60%, contributors in pilot areas up to 326 million people. In 2012 the new agricultural insurance will be covered. The basic principle of new agricultural insurance is, protect the basic, wide coverage, flexible and sustainable; Operation mode with "three combination", namely: account setup also combines social mutual assistance programs with personal accounts, financing ways on individual pay cost, collective allowance and government subsidies, the combination of treatment on implementation of fundamental annuities and individual account pay endowment metallurgical combination. (not including students) over the age of 16 one full year of life, did not attend town worker is basic endowment insurance participated voluntarily by rural residents, are available on the domicile of the new agricultural insurance. At age 60, qualified ginseng protect farmers can get old-age pension. Ginseng protect people set pay cost 100 yuan to 100 yuan each year 5 class, can add class, according to the actual need of local government by ginseng protect people choose according to oneself circumstance. The government meet the conditions for receiving ginseng protect people full payment of basic pensions.
        The fundamental annuities low limit standards formulated by the state council at $67 per month, depending on the financial situation of local government to improve the standard. Subsidies, subsidies for local governments to join people pay cost standard is 30-60 yuan per person per year. Difficult groups such as severe disabled persons in rural areas, local governments should also pay part or all of the minimum standards on behalf of the endowment insurance. Countries to establish lifelong personal accounts, for each of individual pay cost, collective allowance and other organizations and individuals to join people pay cost of funding, the local government to join the pay cost writes down individual account entirely. Annuities treatment consists of fundamental annuities and individual account annuities pay for life. Pilot areas farmers over the age of 60, as long as of children eligible for ginseng protect capture, can directly enjoy the lowest standard of basic annuities.
        32. Improve the system of new type of rural cooperative medical care policy
        The new rural cooperative medical system (hereinafter referred to as "new farming close"), is a government organization, guidance, support, farmers voluntary participation, individual, collective and government multilateral financing, mainly to the poverty-stricken farmers medical help each other in all aid system, adopting individual pay cost, collective support and government funding as a way to raise money. The system since 2003 in the national pilot, part of the county (city) in the national basic realizing a complete coverage of the 2008. Farmers in 2011, new fiscal subsidy standard is 200 yuan, accounting for a population of 832 million. In 2012, the state will continue to improve the new farming protection level, consolidate coverage, improve the financing standard and reimbursement ratio, expanding the scope of the coverage diseases. New farming and raising standards will be raised from 230 yuan to 300 yuan, state aid from 200 yuan to 240 yuan, the policy within the scope of hospitalization expense proportion about 75%, highest pay limitation of no less than eight times per capita annual income of farmers, and no less than 60000 yuan.
        33. Rural land reclamation dangerous house reform policy
        Rural reconstruction of dangerous house and land reclamation dangerous house is part of the low-income housing project. In 2011, the central expand rural dangerous house reform pilot, scope of implementation include the Midwest all county (city, district, flag)。 Focus on living in the dangerous house subsidy object scattered rural support and infirm, poverty families of disabled persons and other poor and low-income residents. Central allowances for an average of 6000 yuan per family in 2011, on the basis of the land border line poor peasant households in yichun, building a model household energy saving and an increase of 2000 yuan per family. Renovated in 2011, rural wei 2011, a year-on-year increase of 1.45 million. In 2012, the state will continue to speed up the implementation of rural dangerous house renovation project.
        Land reclamation dangerous house renovation began in 2008, after the implementation of scope expanded year by year, the central subsidies of 6500 yuan per family of capital allowances is eastern land reclamation area, central China household subsidies of 7500 yuan, the allowance of 9000 yuan per family of western land reclamation area. In 2011, agricultural reclamation dangerous house reconstruction implementation of expanded to all agricultural areas across the country, schedule a task, the total investment scale than the first three years. By the end of 2011, the national arrangement central, with the total investment 2011 yuan, the dangerous house, 895000. In 2012, the state will continue to implement agricultural reclamation dangerous house renovation project, plans to transform agricultural reclamation dangerous house, 367600.

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