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      Wheat skillfully execute zinc fertilizer
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        Zinc deficiency of wheat, plant dwarf, distortion or shrinkage, veins on both sides of the change from green to yellow to white, the edge appears yellow, white, green and white stripes. Zinc fertilizer application of zinc sulfate, zinc sulfate is white or light orange crystal, soluble in water, the zinc content 24%; And zinc chloride as white crystalline, insoluble in water. Zinc sulfate with commonly used as the seed, seed soaking, or top dressing in seedling root, can also be rhizosphere fertilizer and basic fertilizer application. From the point of economic benefit, spraying, immersion, and the seed, the effect is better. Zinc sulfate for spraying or seed, the average concentration of 0.02% ~ 0.1%, the dosage per kg seed in 2 ~ 6 grams of zinc fertilizer, must first before sowing and calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer fertilizer and mixed; As a basal, amount 1 ~ 2.5 kg per 667 square meters, site preparation when into the soil; Make the fertilizer, in wheat seedling stage, with zinc sulfate 1 kg per 667 square metre, add fine dry soil or fertilizer 15 ~ 20 kilograms, trenching in row.

      Address:Shijiazhuang 266 tianshan street party big innovation of science and technology industrial park building no. 1 floor layer 7 Phone:0311-85902232 Fax:0311-85907389
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