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      Autumn orchard basal dressing technology
      Date:2014-01-08 Font Size: Medium Large

        Proverb says, "the four seasons fertilizer, autumn is the most important", "autumn a day earlier, the top ten days next year". Fruit trees flower in the year after germination, smoke, and as a result, consume a large amount of nutrients, taken before, during and after the fruit in a timely manner in the autumn of basal dressing, on the tree in the second year of recovery, the winter cold, and the importance of good quality and high yield.
        One autumn, autumn the benefits of basal dressing basal dressing, air temperature, ground temperature is higher, conducive to rotten and nutrient release of organic fertilizer, the fertilizer effect is easy to play, the root system to absorb quickly; The spring and winter basal dressing, because of the cold, cold weather, the temperature is low, fertilizer effect cannot play quickly. When organic fertilizers applied to play, and often cause secondary growth, fruit trees new tip for the formation of the buds and the results are bad. Autumn is the apple tree root third secondary long peak. At this point the roots of the bruise on fertilization furrowing, dig a hole, will heal quickly restore, and can promote the new root; And at the same time, loose orchard soil microbial activity, strengthen the ability of root absorption of water and fertilizer, increase the tree nutrient accumulation in the body, promote the healthy, tree winter and early spring frost resistance, to overcome the phenomenon of fruit trees DaXiaoNian results. Autumn basal dressing, available nutrients that can be absorbed by the fruit trees, increase the fruit trees of the accumulation of nutrients, make store inside the root, tip, dry rich nutrition, for the coming year the germination, bud differentiation, flowering, and further improve fruit-set rate and laid a solid material foundation, and can improve the quality of fruit. In addition, the autumn when the basal dressing by fertilizing the soil, the orchard soil section is turned on, some underground pests, pupa air to ground, can be a bird, birds peck or for a change, make the fruit tree pest greatly reduced. Also can increase the content of soil organic matter, keep good crumb structure, to improve soil physical and chemical properties, reduce or avoid soil degradation phenomenon.
        Second, fall the basal dressing technology of fertilizer should be selected to contain organic matter more farmyard manure (according to measurement: containing organic matter was 14.5% in cow dung, horse manure, 21%, 15% pig, sheep dung, 31.4% 19.8% human excrement) is given priority to, this is the basis of long-term supply of fruit trees a variety of nutrition elements fertilizer. Provision of high quality organic fertilizer, can make the loose soil, improve the ability of water, protecting fertilizer of soil and the air permeability of the soil, increase the resistance of fruit trees. Often use of fertilizers are: compost, manure, green manure and crop straw and weeds, etc. After accumulation is rotten into, can give full play to the advantages of autumn basal dressing. Due to the decomposition of organic fertilizer is slow, long fertilizer effect, should add the right amount of available nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer. Trace element deficiency of fruit trees in the orchard, should be targeted with micronutrient fertilizer.
        Fertilization methods mainly include the ring groove, and radiation ditch, dominated broadcasting, etc. Annular groove is shi in the outer canopy projection and dig an annular groove, groove depth 30-50 cm. This method is used to more young trees, the location of the annular groove should be a year with the enlargement of the canopy and offshoring. To the trunk as the center, radiation ditch along the horizontal roots stretching direction trenching, usually 4-6, groove depth with annular groove wide, 1-1.5 meters away from the trunk. The depth of the groove by gradually deepened, outside introversion outside the narrow width. This method less root damage, suitable for adult fruit trees. Dominated broadcasting is suitable for adult orchards and dense planting orchard fertilization. The fertilizer evenly withdraw in the park, combined with the requirements in the grave, depth of ploughing up to 20 to 25 centimeters advisable. This method fertilization can widely absorbed by the roots. But the application of shallow depth, easy cause root to rise.
        Autumn basal dressing sooner rather than later, before the leaves in autumn fruit after harvest to had better, too late, not only into the fertilizer is difficult to absorb, wasteful, and also the weak tree caused by root damage healing slowly, orchards blossom of the flushing effect the coming year. Van in front of the tree leaves fall fertilization completion, must be finished before the frozen land. The specific time should be vary because of fruit tree species, in apple, pear, etc, in late September to give human good; Peach, grapes, etc., can be finished in October to freeze.
        Three, matters needing attention fertilization furrowing not too shallow, otherwise easy to cause the root buoyancy, unfavorable to the fruit trees drought resistance and cold resistance. Application of organic fertilizer must be rotten, do not put the pioneer or raw chicken manure directly into, otherwise it will burn out the roots, tree weak decay, death or induced disease. Have water conditions after fertilization to watering, elihu root absorption. After the water surface should work partly scarification, reduce moisture to evaporate, keep moisture. Trace element supplement microelement fertilizer according to shi orchard feng lack of targeted for, dont use too much, so as not to cause mischief. Avoid chlorine fertilizers, lest affect yield and quality, and even killed root, serious when the plants die.

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