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      Grape basal qiu shi
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        Most of the grape growers basal dressing habits winter, expert clew: basal qiu shi good grape.
        Autumn tree of basal dressing to increase the accumulation of nutrients in the body. Generally speaking precocious grapes on mid to late July after harvest, the ripe grapes in the mid to late August after harvested, the late grape in mid to late September after harvest. After the grape harvest, plant growth, so is blade manufacture reflux time, then applied into the basal, can greatly improve the photosynthesis and increase the storage of the organic matter, plant trees for the next year, fruit yield and quality is very good. According to the experiment, the autumn basal dressing could increase 16% ~ 30%, berries, sugar can increase 1.5 ~ 2%, and can also increase the fruit. Secondly, to tackle the root of healing and new root initiation. In the autumn of basal dressing is in the midst of the root growth of the last peak. The climate in 12 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ or so commonly, is the best temperature for root growth, root soon after the injury will heal and will give birth to many new root, for the following spring the absorption of nutrition plays a very important role. Moreover, to avoid the caused by fertilizing soil drought, autumn basal dressing water, high temperature, can make the fertilizer decomposition is absorbed by the roots as early as possible, the grape leaves produce more nutrients, for grape growth of winter and spring. If winter and spring basal dressing, applied will make delay, in the spring, new shoots and fruit grow at the same time a large number of needed nutrients, competition due to lack of nutrients, reduce fruit rate, affect the flower bud differentiation, fruit enlargement, coloring and sugar content, etc.
        In the autumn of basal dressing time
        According to the different region, phenological period, will be subject to grape maturity, early ripe grapes can be applied into after the harvest, in the late grape can be applied into the before harvest, finish as well as early as October at the latest.
        The method of basal dressing
        Trench mr.chwat: along the line they colonize the trenching. If after engraftment basal dressing for the first time, but along the engraftment ditches outgoing open 20 centimeters wide and 60 cm deep groove, if the condition is not enough, at least 45 cm ~ 50 cm deep ditch. Trenching, open topsoil, raw soil, fertilization, backfill layer (10 cm) topsoil first, and then applied into the basal, filling soil again. Then soil, fertilizer, will stir again, finally to raw soil backfill to ditch, ping yu earth bunds, facilitate watering.
        Broadcasting: often used in the old vineyard. The basal on grape row, then ploughing up, save work advantage is to save time, fat side wide; Defect is too shallow fertilizer, fertilizer consumption also need increase.
        Several problems should be paid attention to in the autumn of basal dressing
        After basal must be rotten, especially chicken manure; Avoid harm coarse roots; According to the garden soil fertile, ZhuoJia lack of elements, especially some trace elements; One thousand by pouring a permeable after fertilization. General rainfall water cant replace, only after fertilization of heaven rain, heavy rain, can save water; Discretionary fertilizer rate. Generally speaking, 2000 kg to 3000 kg per mu vineyard, basal can be applied into the 4000 kg to 5000 kg, conditional can be applied into a maximum of 10000 kg to 15000 kg. Basal too little, same furrowing, backfill watering, do more harm than good; The scaffolding fertilization, along the direction of the vines to grow year after year from inside to outside furrow fertilization; Can one thousand autumn basal dressing, winter and spring; Spring when, be sure to four weeks before the grapes to be applied in, to prevent damage to the root, resulting in the loss of nutrition, affect the growth of grapes.


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