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      Hydrophobic flower thinning good grape yield is high
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        Timely and proper to do a good job of hydrophobic flower and fruit thinning, is overcome DaXiaoNian grapes, one of the important measures of grape production stable high quality. Particular way is:
        One, the hydrophobic inflorescence
        The fruit on inflorescence entirely removed. When plant load is bigger, inflorescence too much, need to thin inflorescence. Will develop poor weak inflorescence and inappropriate inflorescence dense or position, make the concentration of nutrients supplied to keep inflorescence of excellence. According to the domestic and foreign experience, can use the principle of "strong 2 in 1 weak leave", as a reference of the steam inflorescence. Namely strong fruit can keep 2 ears, a middle fruit leave 1 ear, a weak fruit not inflorescence as far as possible, in addition, the hydrophobic inflorescence can also be on the basis of in addition to the tip, to flowering hydrophobic besides in front of the flower.
        Second, the device ear tip and inflorescence plastic
        Because of the grapes can have 300-300 in the inflorescence flowers, most of the flower to fall in fruit-bearing stage. So, to keep the fruit on the inflorescence of hydrophobic besides, removing part of buds and flowers, can strengthen the flower development. Inflorescence a scanty flowers, typically by choke and inflorescence inflorescence tip plastic. Usually not sparse single flowers, but thin in inflorescence cob branches at all levels (spikelet)。 For Que ear tip and inflorescence plastic, it is advisable to take part in the in front of the flower, too late, the flushing effect is poor, too early, inflorescence not enough stretching, plastic is not very convenient. Measures the degree of ear tips. General device to inflorescence long 1/4-1/5. Choke after ear tip, not only achieve the goal of the hydrophobic except some flowers, but also reduce the ear tip prone to soft tip or danger of the water tank.
        Third, fruit thinning
        After device ear tip and inflorescence plastic, sit in the inflorescence fruit grain number, 2 to reduce a lot, but sometimes in order to have neat yan grain, fruit grain of big grape, but also to remove too much fruit. Requirements after thinning, keep single grain weight 10-20 grams, single panicle weight, 500-600. Fruit thinning in fruit green beans best size for a fruit thinning, sit in fruit, fruit grain of soya bean size), then the second fruit thinning (DingGuo)。 Fruit thinning can cooperate with device ear tip and inflorescence plastic, so that we can reach the ideal effect.

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